How online education platforms are different from offline education in India?image

What is online learning?

Online learning is an e-Learning platform for students and in general, it can accept through electronic gadgets like laptops, mobile, etc., in various cases. It requires a proper internet connection too.

Benefits of Online Learning:

Easily accessible:- It is very easy to access anytime if you have an internet connection. The main thing you need is any electronic gadget (like mobile, computer, etc.) with a proper internet connection.

Dreams become reality: When students get the opportunity in a particular institution and University through the online platform they have a huge advantage in achieving where their dreams become reality.

 Acts as an audiovisual aid: Sometimes students get benefits through audio or video learning from online platforms. For example - through Google meet, Zoom meetings, and many other online e-Learning platforms.

Quick evaluation of the test series:- Nowadays students are having lots of options where they get a set of questions to practice and evaluate through a computer-based i.e through an online platform. Students can evaluate or solve their problems easily within an hour.

What is offline learning? 

It is an ancient technique of learning that works on physical teaching, asking, and solving problems of students. It is a tripolar process.

Comparison between online and offline learning : -

Teaching Method: Online learning is a process where students access education and knowledge through virtual classrooms, whereas offline learning involves traditional education that allows students to have face-to-face interactions with teachers and peer groups. 

Effectiveness: Online learning provides audio/video presentations of the topic which is taught and it is better as compared to the offline learning platform.

Skill development: In the online learning process skill development doesn’t help much as compared to offline learning platforms because offline classes provide a good atmosphere to every student or child. It also helps in developing communication skills to a higher level as compared to online learning.

But in case of certain skills where physical presence is not required, Online learning is much better.

Process involved:  Offline learning is a bipolar process where teachers taught the students and in return teachers ask students if they have any doubts to clear. If they have any doubts they can clarify their problems with the teachers. Online learning, however, is a one-way process where students must wait to clear their doubts. Students who are having any issues or problems they can write and send their doubts to the mail or in the doubt section through an online platform. But with the introduction of live classes, this problem of online education is also solved.

Availability : Online education is available anytime and anywhere if they have proper access to an Internet connection; but, in the case of offline learning, it is available only during a particular slot and on a particular period of time.


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” 

—Malcolm X

Education makes you a better person and teaches you various skills. It enhances your intellect and the ability to make rational decisions. It enhances the individual growth of a person. Education also improves the economic growth of a country.

So, Education must be easily accessible, effective, and affordable. Online education can have all these. So, a push should be there to provide affordable, high-quality, and highly accessible education to all.

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