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Are you preparing for the Joint Recruitment Board Tripura (JRBT) Govt Job Exam? If so, you must be wondering whatever questions are being asked in the JRBT interview. You must be prepared for it. Before sitting for an interview be prepared for the document to be verified-be it an educational qualification document, typing-related document, or experience-related document. First, there is document verification and then the JRBT interview process. It is important to be well-prepared for the JRBT interview to make a great impression and increase your chances of getting the job. You have to know the best way to prepare for a JRBT interview, the importance of JRBT interview preparation, the JRBT interview strategy, how to introduce yourself in a JRBT interview, and how to score in a JRBT interview. In this article, we will discuss important JRBT interview questions. You must aware of the JRBT Tripura interview date of 2023.

We have discussed other basic interview questions on some other topics. Here, we are focusing more on specific JRBT interview questions related to posts.

  • Introduce yourself

This is the first question that may be asked in Tripura JRBT. Introduce yourself by mentioning your educational qualification and elaborate on your professional experience (if any).

  • What is your educational qualification?

Elaborate on your educational qualification including professional experience. Be prepared for the question that your educational qualification does not match this job role.  Keep calm and don’t get nervous if you face this type of question in the Tripura JRBT interview.

  • Your hobby

When you mention your hobby, be ready for lots of questions being asked about your hobby.

  • Tripura General Knowledge

You must Study Tripura general Knowledge to crack Tripura JRBT. You must know about Tripura tourism, Tripura geography, Tripura politics, agriculture, business and many more.

  • Tripura ministry and Tripura ADC

You must know about the Tripura ministry and the various departments and functions of the ministry. Which department is controlled by whom? This type of question may be asked. You must also know about Tripura ADC.

  • Indian constitution

You have to study some basics of the Indian constitution to crack Tripura JRBT.

  • Tripura governor

You have to know very well about the Tripura governor. Not only the governor's name, before coming to Tripura where was he, the history of his political career etc. these types of knowledge you must have.

  • Current affairs

To crack Tripura JRBT you have to be up-to-date with national current affairs, international current affairs, and Tripura current affairs. You have to know very well about the Ukraine-Russia war, the India-China relation, the India-Pakistan relation, India Bangladesh trade. You have to update yourself with if there is a new highway in Tripura, new constructions if there is any development of science, technology, and healthcare in Tripura. You have to be aware of new things in Tripura like knowledge about Akhaura rail road, Sabroom new road, internet gateway, international airport etc.

  • Rules and regulations of a government job

You have to be aware of the basic rules and regulations of different government jobs to crack Tripura JRBT or other government jobs.

  • Question about your job role

You can be asked questions about your job role and related to this. So you must aware of your job role and your probable posting place to crack the Tripura JRBT interview.

  • Computer related questions

In clerk posts, you may be asked computer-related questions like typing, computer components, windows, and MS Office-related topics whatever job role you have applied for.

  • Different Situations

You may be asked questions about a different tough situation. What type of questions are being asked about various difficult situations you must remember that your priority is your department when you are on the job. You have to take leave and inform your seniors. If you remember that your priority is your job duty then you can answer any question easily.


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