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What is the Meaning of Government Job?

A government job means “A particular action or role of the Government”. By definition, a role or responsibility performed by a person under the central or state government is called a government job. 

Types of Government Job in India:-

  • Civil service job
  • Banking
  • Railways job
  • Defense job
  • Public sector job
  • Government Medical job
  • Government Engineering job

Also, there are many other types of jobs in the government sector.

Benefits of Government Job:-

Government employees receive a high and good salary than the private sector in many cases. Also, government employees receive their salary on time in any situation but in the private sector, there can be delays to deliver the salary. A government job is much more secure than a private job. This is a big major reason why people like Government jobs.  

What are Competitive Exams?

A competitive examination is where candidates are ranked according to the grade that is received in their examination. The job will be provided to those who have obtained a good rank in the examination. The competitive examination analyzes the candidate whether he/she has the capacity to perform the job or not.  

In general, the Candidate fills out the application related to the vacancy, sits for the examination, and has to pass one more interview. In some cases, physical fitness can also be checked. In some cases, one Examination will be there and in some cases, 2 Examinations (Namely Prelims and Mains) can be there.

Why competitive Exams:-

In India, there are lots of students who are preparing for a government job. Every year lakhs of students are applying to different government sectors, but only a few are selected. Competitive examination is very important to analyze the student’s capability and lay the foundation for a prosperous career while raising IQ and encouraging reasonable and analytical thought.

Competitive Exams for Government Jobs in India:-

  • Civil Service examination
  • Banking examination (IBPS)
  • Railways examination
  • I.T. sector examination
  • Defense examination
  • Income tax examination
  • Engineering service examination
  • R.B.I. examination

These are some major examination that is conducted at the central level.

Competitive Examination for Government Job at State Level:-

  • Public Service Commission Examination under the state government.
  • State police examination.
  • State-level banking examination.
  • State Civil Service and Police Service Examinations.
  • Forest department examination.
  • Teacher Eligibility Test Examinations.
  • Court Examinations.
  • Some other Departmental Examinations.

Government Job Examination at ASSAM:-

  • Assam public service commission examination.
  • Assam police examination.
  • Assam blocks assistant manager examination.
  • Assam Accredited Engineering examination. 


These are Some Major Examination that is Conducted by West Bengal State Government:-

  • W.B.S.S.C. Clerk examination.
  • W.B.T.E.T. paper examination.
  • W.B. police constable examination.
  • W.B.J.E.E. examination.
  • W.B. P.S.C. Junior Engineer examination.
  • W.B. public service commission examination.
  • W.B. public service commission examination.
  • W.B. Lower Division Clerk examination.

Government Job Examination at Tripura:-

  • T.P.S.C. examination.
  • T.C.S.-T.P.S. examination
  • T.R.B.T. examination.
  • J.R.B.T. examination.
  • T-TET

These are some of the major examinations that are conducted by Tripura Government.

Age Limit for Government Jobs in India:-

The age limit varies from post to post. Different government jobs have different age limits (maximum) ranging from 21 to 40 years for general category; however S.C., S.T. and ex-servicemen candidates can avail additional 5 years age relaxation, and O.B.C. candidates can avail 3 years.

In some cases, starting age is 18 years.

Below are the details of age limit for some P.S.U. examinations:

B.H.E.L. :- Candidates' age limit should be minimum 18 years & maximum 30 years for General category, 33 years for O.B.C. category, ans 35 years for S.C./ S.T. Category.

E.C.I.L.:- Candidates' age limit should be minimum 18 years & maximum 35 years .

D.R.D.O.:-Candidates' age limit should be minimum 21 years & maximum 30 years .

H.A.L.:-Candidates age limit should be minimum 18 years & maximum 65 years .

N.T.P.C.:- Candidates' age limit should be minimum 18 years & maximum 27 years .

U.P.P.C.L.:-Candidates' age limit should be minimum 21 years & maximum 40 years .

S.A.I.L.:-Candidates age limit should be minimum 18 years & maximum 28 years .

G.A.I.L.:-Candidates' age limit should be minimum 18 years & maximum 28 years .

O.N.G.C.:-Candidates' age limit should be minimum 18 years & maximum 30 years .

N.I.C.:-Candidates' age limit should be minimum 18 years & maximum 27 years .

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (B.A.R.C.) General Category - 26 years. OBC-29 years. SC/ST–31 years

Physically Challenged persons are eligible for age relaxation of up to 10 years

C.D.S. examinations are conducted for job possibility in the Defense sector-

       1. Indian Military Academy :- 19-24 years

       2. Naval Academy :- 19-25 years

       3. Officers' Training Academy :- 19-25 years

Railways Technical Cadre Exam Eligibility Criteria Age Limit:-

Assistant Driver (Electrical / Diesel)/Data Entry Operators/ Skilled Fitters/ Apprentice Fireman 'A'/ Apprentice Wireless or Telecom Maintainer/Health Inspector Grade IV/Axle Unit Operators/Wheel Unit Operators/Electrical Signal Maintainer:- 18 - 30 yrs

Apprentice Mechanic (Mechanical/Electrical Diesel)/ Apprentice Signal Inspector/Apprentice Permanent Way Inspector/Depot Store Keeper/Raj Bhasha Sahayak / Apprentice Inspector of Works/Trainee Junior Draftsman (Electrical)/Apprentice Permanent Way Mistry/ Appr. Train Examiner Grade IlI/Appr. Jr. Engineer (Telecommunication/Works) :- 18 - 33 yrs

Train Examiners, Health Inspector: - 18 - 30 yrs

Apprentice Assistant Chargeman (Electronics/Mechanical)/Apprentice Senior Draftsman (Electronics/Mechanical) :- 18 - 32 yrs

Assistant Programmer/Diesel Foreman (Mechanical/ (Electrical)/Law Assistant /Pharmacist/Trainee Chargeman 'B' (Electrical/Electronics) :- 20 - 32 yrs

Staff Nurse: - 20 - 40 yrs

Teachers Grade I-IV:- Below 45 yrs


So, we understood that there are a huge amount of Government job opportunities if we consider the state and central-level jobs. But, for that a good amount of preparation is needed as the competition is high. I would recommend one of the best applications that can clear all your doubts regarding the government job examination. That app's name is SHOMISH, You can easily download from play store, and I promise that it will be helpful for you.

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